I block Meg Cantwell, she retaliates with a failed no-contact order – 10/27/2022 6:40pm

Meg Cantwell talked to the police with the apparent aim of obtaining a harassment prevention order. Since previous legal threats of hers, I have only communicated with her after she explicitly consents in a form that I can document.

(see: https://megcantwellforgivesme.com/dreams-of-remorse/ for context)

This is unambiguous consent to communicate with me.

I asked for further clarification:

We did not summarize via email after. She repeatedly contacted me over Signal messenger for purposes other than logistics, which was the only use I agreed to. Her contact with the police came only after I had blocked her for repeatedly refusing to respect that boundary.

I will be obtaining the police report within the next week and responding to any false statements of fact with appropriate legal action.

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